Friday, 14 June 2013

Swalecliffe for Lunch 9 May

Dan had recently spent a bit of time at Long Rock as it was on the doorstep and I caught up with him today so that he could share some useful year ticks. Time was limited for me so we concentrated on the Brook to avoid dog walkers. My first Swifts of the year flew through and like so much this year appear to be behind schedule.

We spent some time at a favoured spot for Lesser Whitethroat where the bird was soon picked out by Dan but continued to be reluctant to leave the undergrowth. Eventually it made a foray to a Birch on our side of the Brook offering great views and song. Sadly, by the time the Camera was charged he escaped back to the dark side, however he did put us on to a Garden Warbler which was unexpected and a great addition to our Long Rock list.

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