Friday, 14 June 2013

Grove Ferry 10 May

On a mild but windy day offering intermittent sunshine we ventured back into the Valley on the back of a report of Spoonbill near Harrisons from the ever reliable Chiddy. 

We scoured the area to no avail but felt it was worth covering the area fully, so, we headed for Marsh Hide and over the embankment I picked out a distant white bird beyond the view of the hide and sure enough through our bins we had connected with the bird. I was pleased to pick it up, Dan had already found Spoonbill this year flying over Memorial Park and this was not the photo opportunity he had hoped for. Shortly after we entered the hide, Devine intervention made his day as the bird flew and settled right in front of us for a moment before exiting stage left.

The bird remained in view albeit distant and as we were on a roll I insisted we walk to the water meadows for waders and the elusive Cattle Egret. The waders let us down but after several visits we had our Egret, two days later than my 1992 bird at the reserve!

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