Friday, 14 June 2013

Reculver 17 May

Well done Adam!

The Montagu’s Harrier appeared to be lingering and a good lifer on the doorstep is not to be snubbed. We meandered along from the Towers following the track behind the Oyster farm and stood patiently as this appeared to be the area reported. Another birder joined us and we didn’t see much action but technology saved the day. We had seen Adam on the Green Wall and these modcons told us he was in the spot we needed to find.

We wandered over and enjoyed some banter whilst patiently waiting and Steve Ashton joined the fray briefly before wandering off. But as they say, good things come to he who waits, and we had great views of the Harrier as it worked between us and the seawall. Eventually, it dropped near the Oyster Farm but despite our best efforts when we arrived we could not relocate it. We did add Cuckoo to our list another bird that seems to have diminished in our countryside.

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