1 Mile Radius Explained

I have now started a 1 mile radius list from where I live. I thought it would be interesting to see how many different species I could see from within a 1 mile from my house.

Living in Greenhill means that Hampton is just a mile away and this could give me sea birds and waders. The fields and bushes in Greenhill itself could give me Larks, Pipits, Thrushes and smaller birds. There is also a bit of woodland but not a lot so I don't expect many woodland birds. Greenhill is also a good spot for fly overs, being near the coast birds fly over all the time as they follow it down, up or across. This gives it the potential for great birds of prey. I also maintain that in the Autumn migration season when birds are moving South the North Kent coastline is the first thing they hit and the fields in Greenhill are the first bit of land that isn't taken up by housing (locally). This also gives it the potential to muster up some birds that aren't usual for a fairly urban patch.

Hampton Pier This is where I do my sea watching for my 1 Mile Radius list.

Hampton Shoreline Although you see many of the shorebirds from the pier it is sometimes better to walk along the beach to make sure you're missing out on anything.

West Brook It's a small brook that runs all the way from Thornden Woods to Hampton and I haven't taken many trips down there but on one trip I did I pick up a Woodcock!

The Pools These are pools that I assume are overflows for the motorway. These could bring in anything really, being a water source. This year and a previous year I have recorded Reed Warblers in them.

Little Wood and Purchas Wood These are small bits of woodland that are within the 1 Mile Radius and this could bring in the woodland birds (fingers crossed).

Private Scrubland and fields This patch of land is quite extensive so I've included a map of the paths availabe. Unfortunately you can't access the private land which could provide some very interesting habitat for the birds. The fields can produce Skylarks in the summer. Yellowhammers can be seen all along the path alongside the motorway in summer as well. In winter, Redwings and Fieldfares are littered across the berry bushes.

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