Friday, 9 November 2012

Onto The Next Century!!

Grove 9/11/12

With reports of Penduline Tits at Grove this morning Dad and I went over there for an hour at lunchtime to see if any were about. After sitting in the hide for about an hour and a half we heard the call of a Penduline Tit and we saw a small bird fly up and across the reeds and on closer inspection through the binoculars it was a Penduline Tit! A lifer for both of us! We waited a while to see if there was any sign of the others but it was too windy I think so we went home with a smile on our faces and for a nice hot drink.

Looking at my lists tonight I realised that Penduline Tit was my 201st Kent life tick so I have moved into my next century of birds! Not a bad one to start the next hundred with!


  1. Nice one Dan. As you say the wind is quite important for these. It was pretty still this morning when we had them. I have some shots on my blog.

  2. Well done on the double Century Dan. Still to make it !!Only another 18 to go.