Thursday, 8 November 2012

Seasalter and Hampton


After yesterdays brilliant outing I was really up for going out at the crack of dawn again today. With Whooper Swans, a bird I have never seen before, being reported at Seasalter I thought I would make that the first port of call.

Not a lot about really with no Whoopers but there was the biggest Bearded Tit flock I'd ever seen, reaching about twenty and hearing far more. Plenty of Lapwings hitting about 2 to 3 hundred and thousands of Golden Plover flying around every now and then. The resident flock of Brents were there as well. On my way back as I got to the Sportsman pub 5 Waxwings flew West which was a highlight of the trip.

Seeing those Waxwings encouraged my thought of going to Tesco car park to see if any were about like early last year but no luck with that. I then moved to Hampton to see if I could find Purple Sandpiper and get a picture of it/them. When I arrived there was one in amongst the Turnstones which didn't help me. The Turnstones were quite flighty and every time they went so did the Purple Sandpiper. I did manage a picture but not as good as earlier this year.

Bearded Tits, not the best picture but a 'nice' one

Purple Sandpiper from today

Purple Sandpiper from early this year


  1. Nice one Dan, sorry I never knew you had a blog. I tried to follow but there does not seem to be a link to do that. Will look in again. Regards Steve A.

    1. No worries Steve, I just add blogs to my reading list and then they come up with the latest posts.

  2. Great stuff Dan, not a lot wrong with that PS picture. Would be more than happy to add that to my Kent list.

    1. Thanks Mike, I also saw a Sanderling as well! 2 new ones for you I believe.