Thursday, 15 November 2012

New ones for my Kent and 1MR Lists

An early start on Tuesday as my car was dropped off at the garage near Hampton. My dad dropped me at the pier but he stayed briefly just to have a look at the sea. Whilst we were there a Red Breasted Merganser flew past which was a new one for my 1 mile radius list, this was then followed up by 4 Great Crested Grebes in the 'bay' area. I then walked home trying to see if I could pick anything else up but there was nothing of note.

Today was a quick look around Hampton and then onto Reculver. At Hampton there wasn't too much about. The usual sea gulls, Redshanks, Turnstones and 3 Purple Sandpipers. As I was looking at the Purple Sands something caught my attention out the corner of my eye but when I looked it was gone. I carried on looking for it and it turned out to be a Little Grebe, a new one for my 1MR list and what I think is a good bird for the area. I had never seen one on the sea before but there is ditch which might be where it usually hangs out.

After this I moved on to Reculver in search of a Barred Warbler that had been  reported. Once I had arrived there after a few minutes I was joined by Dad and then Chiddy, then Marc and Adam all in search of the Barred Warbler. There were a couple of Waxwings on the top of one of the bushes by the crossing. We did see a bird in the undergrowth but not enough to call anything. After this brief sighting it was the only sign of anything so we moved on in search of Long-Eared Owls. All I can say is, what a spectacle! A lifer for me as well. Thanks Chiddy!

Common Gull, Hampton

Waxwing, Reculver

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