Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bits and Bobs

Just a catch up on the small trips that we have done since the last post.

2nd March - After Dad's trip to Seaton GPs I went a couple of days later and got his Goldeneye, Goosander and Black-Necked Grebe. I also saw a Bullfinch adding to my year list.

7th March - I went to Norfolk for the day to see the Otters and Black-Bellied Dipper that had been reported there and I was successful in my mission! I will do another blog post for the pictures of that day.

14th March - A Redpoll turned up in the garden being a garden lifer for both me and Dad. It also added its name to the 1 Mile Radius List.

18th March - The Sun was out as I headed for Bossenden Woods but quickly disappeared once I was there. Not a lot of activity either, a pair of Nuthatch's were busy but that's about it really so I decided to move on but as I was putting my stuff in the car I saw a tiny little bird acting like a Gold/Firecrest so I had a closer look and it was my 2nd ever Firecrest! (First for this year)

28th March - Kentish Plover at Swalecliffe as the light was going was a Kent/British lifer for me. There's been a few reported elsewhere too so lets hope they come back to Kent permanently soon!

30th March - While I was working Dad went to Samphire Hoe and picked up on the Bluethroat that had been there a little while.

6th April - Barn Owl watch at my friends farm produced what we was looking for but by the time we saw the Barn Owl the light was terrible but a few grab shots were taken. It was just a pleasure watching this amazing bird hunt!

7th April - A Siskin was in the garden before we headed out for football Sunday morning, a year tick for the garden and 1 Mile List.

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