Thursday, 27 December 2012

Dash to Denge 23/12/12

Having done my duty in the lashing rain to make sure everybody and somebody got what they wanted for Chrimball. I got home to find the weather improving but turned this to my advantage. Never previously making 200 on my annual Kent List, Dan & I decided to dash to Denge in search of Hawfinch a beautiful but elusive bird. Our first stop in a car park didn't have the right habitat, so thanks to google earth, we moved on to a spot I thought would give us the best shout.

A fellow birder was already in situ and had seen one bird across a field so we decided patience would be our virtue. In no time at all I heard an unusual sound behind me and turned to see a Hawfinch immediately above us on top of a tree and despite the shocking white sky we enjoyed seeing all the features.

Then, by way of a treat, two buzzards past over disturbing everything, amongst the myriad of Siskins was a single chaffinch but to our pleasure we counted six Hawfinch, one of which settled to roost (I think), as it remained with us until it was time to go.

A short but very sweet visit and although we don't have the same birds we both reached 195 for 2012 in Kent.

A record shot but a shot none the less

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