Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bits and Bobs

These sightings aren't from trips but just when out and about.

Tuesday 26th June - Whilst having a break when learning to drive down Herne Bay sea front I saw a Peregrine.

Wednesday 27th June - Again whilst having a break on the sea front I saw a Ring-Necked Parakeet.

Thursday 28th June - My instructor had to do a lesson in the middle of the day so while I was at home I was filling up that feeders as the Herring Gulls started to go crazy (again) and Dad was by the back door and jokingly said "is there an Osprey up there?" and sure enough there was an Osprey! Just a month after this happening for the first time. Dad (Arnie) was happy as he missed out on the one before hand.

Tuesday 3rd July - On my way to work I noticed a Common Buzzard, which is a new one for my 1 mile radius list!

Thursday 19th July - I was at a friends house in Adisham and the first bird I heard or saw was a Tree Pipit.

Monday 23rd July - A trip to Dover after Chiddy said there were some Black Redstarts that were very confiding. They came out eventually and I got some images and then I went to the cliffs to see if I could find some Peregrines. None at all. I then got home to find that I had turned my image stabiliser off by accident so only one or two shots came off. Very annoyed is an extreme understatement.

Wednesday 25th July - On my way to football training in the evening and a Peregrine flew over the house! A new one for my 1 mile radius list and my garden list. I then later saw another at football training which was in Chestfield so it could well be the same one as I saw from the house moments ago.

Saturday 28th July - After getting home from work I was standing at the back door and I managed to pick up a Hobby, I did get one a few days before but I can't remember what day. That also was my first for my 1 mile radius list and my garden list.

One of few, a successful image from the Dover trip.

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