Sunday, 6 January 2013

Walk In The Woods


On Wednesday I felt as though I didn't do enough birding the day before because of work so I had to make up for it. I decided to go to Thornden Woods as it is only a minutes drive from the house and hadn't properly explored the area before.

The day started quite slow with just Blue Tits and Goldcrests, don't get me wrong they're brilliant little birds but it was all I was seeing. But after a bit more walking I came across a hive of activity bringing in more Blue Tits, great views of Goldcrest, Great Tits, Long-Tailed Tits and Treecreeper. A bit further down I picked up a Great Spotted Woodpecker and then I saw a much smaller bird fly like a woodpecker overhead so I quickly headed over towards it and it turned out to be a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, a bird that both me and Dad had missed out on last year (Dad still is), so I was chuffed with my find.

I then followed the path that would lead me roughly to Little Wood and Round Wood, woods that are just about in the 1 Mile Radius and on the way I picked up more of what I had already seen plus two Crossbills flying over. The woods weren't very productive apart from a Buzzard flying over.

On the way home I picked up 7 Waxwings as well at the bridge by the Share and Coulter Pub, a welcomed addition to my 1 Mile Radius List.

The next day I was out with my Nan and Grandad and on our way home I checked the bushes again and they were still there and had multiplied. I got my Nan out the car and showed her them and luckily they landed less than a few metres away and she loved it! When I got home I told Dad so we popped back so he could get them on his 1 Mile Radius List and we counted around 50 birds!

I know people are bored of Waxwing pictures, I am a bit too, but I have taken this picture because they were in my 1 Mile Radius!

Lesser-Spotted Woodpecker


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  1. Nice visit Dan LS Crossbills and Waxwings within 1 mile, maybe i should move ?