Sunday, 13 May 2012

Life is too short to wait

Couldn't be bothered with waiting to post, once I had the idea in my head it was stuck.

Unfortunately I came home from work today to find a headless baby Starling on the lawn, I can only assume it was a cat as a Sparrowhawk would have taken the whole bird.

Dad was out tonight so I decided on a "brief" walk around the fields in Greenhill. Birds that I saw before I got to the fields were House Sparrow, Blackbird, Starling, Collared Dove, Herring Gull and Wood Pigeon. From the dirt track to across the field to the footpath I saw Chaffinch, more Starlings, Blackbirds and Wood Pigeons, in amongst the Wood Pigeons there were some Stock Doves, also around was a sole Song Thrush and Chiffchaff. Some Linnets flew over whilst looking at the Chiffchaff, also while there, there were two Skylarks flying above the field and I heard a distant Nightingale. There were Swallows zipping about across the field. Then coming towards the footpath a Whitethroat came out the bushes briefly. From the entrance to the footpath down to the bridge over the thanet way produced Great and Blue Tits, more Whitethroats, Magpies, Yellowhammers and a Sparrowhawk fly over. Other fly overs were Cormorants and Mallards. I checked the water that is used as an overflow for the motorway just in case there were any wagtails (wishful thinking) since they cut the reeds down, I did see a Reed Warbler in there a couple of years ago. On my way back with light quickly fading I managed a picture of one of the many Whitethroats around, I also saw a Kestrel sitting on the road lights. I had another check for the Nightingales that are heard in the bushes alongside the footpath and leading into the field for the past few years now and there were a couple about. I did manage to see 2 Nightingales and I heard a couple more further along and deeper in the undergrowth.

I have highlighted birds that I feel are quite rare or 'different' for the local area that I have covered but could change depending on the site visited.

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